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I'm Hannah Lee Jones and I began Primal School as a space to document my journey as a student of poetry independent from a graduate path in English lit or creative writing. I also wanted to leave a resource others can use: book recommendations, articles, posts on what I'm reading or learning, and most importantly, interviews with poets exploring the craft of poetry itself. Whether your path includes an MFA or not, my hope is that the knowledge that gets shared on here will help you find your own way. Learn more, or if you're interested in my writing visit the news page  



"eternal graffiti 

written in the heart of everyone" 

- Lawrence Ferlinghetti's definition of poetry



Primal School is a blog featuring interviews with poets discussing a single poem they have written and exploring their insights into the writing process — all presented in language that's as approachable and digestible as possible. Each interview is a kind of "teaching post" or "poetry lesson" designed for poets who are learning and writing outside of the MFA system. Browse interviews by topic using the tag cloud to the right or by name in the poet index; check out the resources page under the toolshed, and feel free to get in touch. 


On Living and Writing With Two Rabbits

The story that inspired this post is brought to you by Jenny Heishman and Andre ten Dam, my new friends who are currently afield in the Netherlands!

I still can’t believe my luck: on the heels of the social storm that was VORTEXT, I’d been thinking how perfect it would be if I could get just three weeks to disappear from the world and produce some new writing. (I am an avid editor and polisher, but first drafts are like blood from a stone every time). “If I could have just three weeks,” I said to Phil. Not three days after that, I received an email from artist Jenny Heishman on Bainbridge, asking whether I would be available to do a house-sit for three weeks while she and her partner Andre visited his family in the Netherlands. No more; no less. Furthermore, would I be willing to take on the cuddly task of caring for their two Rhineland bunny rabbits, Jacco (M) and Koos (F) (pictured below in all their long-eared lettuce-munching glory)?

Yes, yes, and yes! 

Jacco (left) and Koos (right)

I’ve been here three days, and Jenny and Andre’s cottage is love itself. Nestled in seaside woods on the southeast shore of Bainbridge Island, the place has turned out to be the perfect spot to wander, brood and bang out those constipated first drafts. Even more so, truly, for what the rabbit people have taught me so far about how to be a good writer (the appellation seems to suit, given how very much they act like people, a trait that’ll hopefully become evident in their lessons to me, listed thus):  

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